Robert J. Greer


Mr. Greer is an Executive Vice President and Manager of Real Return Products at PIMCO.  This product line embraces commodities, inflation-linked bonds, real estate and active asset allocation. Mr. Greer spent eight years managing the commodity index business first for Daiwa Securities and then for both Chase Manhattan Bank and JP Morgan. Prior to this, he spent ten years in the investment real estate business. He is regarded as the first person to define an investable commodity index and is a pioneer in explaining why commodity indexes are an asset class distinct from stocks and bonds. He developed one of the two common methods of explaining sources of commodity index returns and has spoken on this asset class on national television, at industry conferences and trade meetings globally, and at college lectures at Yale, Oxford, Columbia, Princeton and elsewhere.

He has also published articles on the subject in The Journal of Portfolio Management, The Journal of Derivatives, The Journal of Alternative Investments and Pensions & Investments. He has consulted on the subject of commodities to the CIA, the Bank of England and the New York Fed, and was invited by the CFTC to participate in their Agricultural Roundtable in April 2008.  Mr. Greer wrote The Handbook of Inflation Hedging Investments, oriented to the institutional investment community, which was published by McGraw Hill in December 2005.  His recently co-authored another book, Intelligent Commodity Indexing, also published by McGraw Hill.

Mr. Greer received a bachelor degree in mathematics and economics from Southern Methodist University. He earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.