Constantine Thanassoulas

Premier European Capital, Toledo Mining, & Eilon Associates

Constantine Thanassoulas  is the Chief Executive Officer of Premier European Capital Ltd, a Financial Company specializing in Trade and Commodity Finance and Chairman of Toledo Mining Corporation Plc.

Prior to this he was the Chief Executive Officer of LARCO SA the largest Ferronickel Company in Europe. He has held the positions of Chief Operating Officer of Sanwa International PLC (the Investment Banking Arm of Sanwa Bank) and that of Managing Director of Debt Capital Markets and Global Head of Derivatives for Barclays Bank PLC. He also served as a member of the Barclays Bank Group Credit Committee.

Before joining the Financial Sector, in 1982, he was Lecturer of Econometrics at Bath University, UK where he now holds the position of visiting Professor. He has written extensively on the subject of Currency and Interest Rate Options and he is the co-author of the book on 'Financial Options: from theory to practice'. He is also the past President of the European Finance Association and past President of European Financial Management Association.